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A holistic monthly self care box and membership for women, providing all the tools and support you need to prioritise your wellbeing.

You’ve probably seen us:

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What’s included every month?

an open white hamper box filled with self care products and stationery on top of teal paper shred packing.

Self Care & Lifestyle

You’ll receive a thoughtfully curated selection of products from stationery to face masks, helping you to prioritise yourself and enjoy some much needed self care.

Zest Self Care Planning Workbook with some premium tea and a pen.

Planning and Boundary

Your box always comes with an exclusive workbook and a snack, designed to help you to plan your month ahead, making your wellbeing a priority.

Digital resources displayed on a range of devices

Online Tools and

Private FB community and member’s vault with new resources every month. Our masterclasses and tools will help you reduce overwhelm and find more zest in your day-to-day.

six round award badges for Mel Watson and The Zest Collective: Winner, Bronze Ausmumpreneur Awards for Online Community, Finalist Ausmumpreneur Awards, Wellness Services, Finalist Women Changing The World Awards, Microbusiness, Finalist Business in Orange Awards, Nominee Beam Awards Wellness Advocate of The Year.
Round award badge, rose gold text and accents on black background with hot pink logo. Bronze Winner - Online Community Ausmumpreneur Awards 2023.
Round award badge, white text and gold accents on black background with rainbow text based logo. Finalist - Business In Orange Awards 2023.
Round award badge, gold text and accents on black background with hot pink logo. Finalist Microbusiness of the Year - Women Changing the World Awards 2023
Round award badge, gold text and accents on black background with hot pink logo. Finalist People's Choice Business - Women Changing the World Awards 2023
Round award badge, gold text and accents on black background with hot pink & purple logo. Finalist, Wellness Services Business Of The Year -Ausmumpreneur Awards 2023.
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Can’t remember the last time you had some self care?


We’ll help you…



Put yourself back at the top of your to-do-list and take time out for your own self care

Learn how to prioritise your time and wellbeing in ways that work for you

Find your zest for life and get your groove back

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Why join The Zest Collective?



a yellow hexagon with a dark yellow outline and the word "support" in the centre. It is decorated with a curl of lemon zest.

Support and motivation

It can be hard to know where to start sometimes!

That’s why every month your gorgeous Zest self care subscription box will arrive at your door – prompting you to reset, take a few moments for yourself, and guiding you through your plan for the month.

What could be more motivating than that?

You’ll also get new masterclasses and resources in your members vault every month and support is easy to access through our private community or email.


a turquoise hexagon with a yellow outline and the word "knowledge" in the centre. It is decorated with a curl of lemon zest.

Expert information

As a member you’ll have access to the best lifestyle and wellbeing information from experts in their fields, who also understand the unique challenges women face when trying to juggle it all.

From burnout to pilates, sleep to nutrition, we cover it all, with new resources added every month!



a teal hexagon with a yellow outline and the word "community" in the centre. It is decorated with a curl of lemon zest.

Community and connection

We know how important connection is, which is why community is at the very heart of The Zest Collective.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet other members who are working with similar goals and challenges in our private FB community: a space to share, engage and ask questions.



All it takes is

3 Simple Steps


Let's Do it!

Your monthly Zest Self Care Subscription Box is just a click away!

Subscribe now to get  your welcome box and immediate access to your online resources!

Take the tour.

Yay! Your first box will be
dispatched shortly!

While you wait, hop into your
member hub and check out our lifestyle and wellbeing masterclasses.

Over the shoulder perspective of a woman with white hair opening a subscription box

Dive in!

Open up your first box and take time out for a little self care, plan out your month ahead. 

You’re on your way to redesigning a life you love leading.

Want a sneak peek?

A Zest Self Care Box: a white box covered in illustrations of women. It is surrounded by products including a non-alc cocktail, facial sponge, and other self care products.

a subscription box that sneaks in some strategy…

Your Zest Self Care Box

A beautiful care package delivered every month, featuring products
from small Australian businesses, including:

  • Gorgeous self care and lifestyle products from a small Australian business – the kind you don’t find everywhere.
  • Monthly Planning and Reflection Workbook with our step-by-step planning system.
  • Something to snack on – because planning and me-time makes you peckish.
  • Something to sip on – because if you’re doing self care and having a snack, we’ve got to cover hydration right?
  • A fun pen – because we think of everything. now you don’t have to find one once you’ve sat down with your box!

(PS… we’re also committed to sustainability and supporting diversity through the brands we carefully select for your boxes. Inclusive and eco-friendly? Nice!)



sorta like wellbeing school, but no patchouli…

Your Zest Vault

A wealth of tools and resources to support both your wellbeing and your productivity.
A range of handy printables including planners, worksheets, e-books and self care guides.

Video content on-demand with interviews and masterclasses covering topics such as sleep, seasonal nutrition concerns, goals, burnout, physical movement, positive psychology, sleep and more.

And all our contributing experts are people who actually know what they’re talking about. We partner with health professionals including clinical psychologists, dietitians, and physiotherapists along with women with first hand lived experience of the challenges we discuss.

Here are just a few of the self care masterclasses in our vault:


white background with 5 yellow stars and a testimonial quote in black text. It says "I have learnt to prioritise self care without feeling guilty about it! - Erin B."
white background with 5 yellow stars and a testimonial quote in black text. It says "The wellbeing membership is perfect if you are struggling with prioritising self care - Jo H."
white background with 5 yellow stars and a testimonial quote in black text. It says "So many useful resources! Highly Recommend! - Shauni B."
white background with 5 yellow stars and a testimonial quote in black text. It says "high quality products, unique monthly tools and resources... integrating mindfulness and wellness into my lifestyle - Danica B."

I’m in! Where do I start?


Simply choose the best payment option for you and follow the checkout prompts, we’ll have you set up in a shimmy!

Zest Classic FAQs

When will I get my first box?

We’ll start packing your first box within two business days from payment, so you’ll get your goodies ASAP!

Subsequent boxes will be shipped around the 24th for the month ahead. Most members receive their box in the first few days of the month.

How do payments work?

 You will be debited for your subscription from the card provided on the same date every month.

Membership is prepaid, meaning your payment is always made prior to your box being shipped.

Boxes are shipped around the 24th of each month, ready for the month ahead.

Of course, your first Zest Self Care Box will always be packed within 2 business days of your payment and dispatched ASAP, regardless of what date you sign up!

Will I get coaching or mentoring with Mel?

No, Zest Classic doesn’t include mentoring.

You will however have live access to our exclusive masterclasses where you can ask questions and learn from our experts. 

Our Zest VIP group program is currently full, but if you’d like the added benefit of small group mentoring we recommend adding yourself to the waitlist and joining Zest Classic – when a new VIP place becomes available you’ll be given first priority.

Mel does have limited spaces each month for 1:1 clients, by application. To enquire please contact

What is your cancellation policy?

Of course you can cancel at anytime!

To cancel your membership, email and we’ll get it sorted for you, no questions asked. 

There are some guidelines around how cancellations are handled, which are outlined below – but please email if you have questions, we’re happy to help!

Our Cancellation Policy:

Zest Classic Memberships (which includes the Zest Self Care Box) may be cancelled at any time by either the customer or provider with sufficient notice (see processing time).

Please allow 5 business days (not including weekends or public holidays) for cancellations to be processed.

For month-to-month plans, once cancelled your membership and all access will cease 30 days from the last payment.

For six and twelve-month plans, please be aware you commit to the full membership term upon purchase, which is reflected in the discounted membership rate. You may still request a cancellation at anytime and once processed, your payments will continue until your term has been completed, but will not renew after that time. Your membership access will continue until thirty days from your last payment. 

Please note, no refunds will be given for partial membership periods or unused resources due to their digital nature. Refunds will also not be issued for payments debited or boxes dispatched within the cancellation processing period (although we do our best to avoid this). For more details, please refer to our full refund and return policy or email so we can assist!

Do you ship internationally?

No, on our standard plans we only ship within Australia at this time, with free postage included.

If you are a resident of NZ Aotearoa (or another country),  you may send an enquiry for a special subscription where postage is additional – we are happy to look into this for you and to provide a quote. 

We are also happy to sign you up for online-only access to our Zest Light or Zest VIP Plans. If either of these options is of interest, please reach out and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

For all enquiries, please email 


Is there a contract?

No, there is no contract, however when purchasing a six or twelve-month plan, you commit to remaining for the full term. 

What does that mean?

You can cancel at anytime and if you are on a month-to-month plan, your payments and deliveries will cease as soon as your request is processed. 

If you are on a six-month or twelve-month plan, we’ll process your request ASAP and stop payments continuing after your term ends, your boxes and membership will continue until that time.  

For all the nitty gritty, including processing times, please see “Can I cancel my membership?” in the FAQs above. Or, flick an email to and we’ll answer any questions you have!

Is The Zest Collective just for women?

Yes. We reserve membership for women and femme non-binary people, which includes live sessions discussing sensitive subjects and the member’s community. 

The Zest Collective was designed for all women, including women with trans experiences and people identifying as women regardless of their assigned sex at birth.

Our experiences in life are gendered and men do not typically experience burnout, mental load, health, relationships and careers in the same way as women. For this reason, group aspects of our program is not for men, and in all honesty, they wouldn’t get the most out of it!

Mel does support clients of all genders through her other work, including workshops and one-on-one mentoring.
She is also happy to discuss options for you to receive the self care box only, however due to the costs required the pricing will remain similar to full membership. Please reach out to for enquiries about those services.

For further details, please also check out our Diversity & Inclusion Policy.

Will Zest Classic help me if I'm burnt out?

If you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed or stressed, you’re in the right place – Zest was made with you in mind!

But when it comes to burnout there are some additional considerations:

Zest Classic does include helpful, and accurate resources on burnout and other wellbeing topics – if you are looking to implement self care practices to prevent burnout this is perfect for you! It is also a great starting point as a resource to complement your own professional support.

However, if you are already in burnout it wouldn’t be fair or honest for us to suggest a primarily self-serve membership option is an appropriate support on it’s own.

Regardless of whether you choose to join us, if you suspect you’re in burnout we highly recommend speaking to your GP and ruling out any contributing medical conditions and if necessary, to arrange additional medical support.

It is important to note that The Zest Collective does not replace the need for individual medical advice from qualified health professionals.

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IF YOU still want more support INCLUDING MONTHLY MENTORING, check out Zest VIP!

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