If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending juggle, completely over the million things to remember,
never having any time (or energy) for yourself… I’ve got you.





This sound familiar?

Calendar tetris is your superpower

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right perfectly” 

Great friend, team-player, and go-to fixer for all the problems

Tired of being tired… all. the. damn. time.



I have what you

need to…

Beat your overwhelm

Connect with a community who really get it

Prioritise your wellbeing in ways that work for you

Find your zest for life and get your groove back





Supporting busy women to beat overwhelm, prioritise their wellbeing and find their zest for life

The Zest Collective VIP?

The Zest Collective is our signature membership,
a paid community for women who are ready to make their own wellbeing a priority. VIP is our full support option, with everything you need to take action and make progress.

As a Zest VIP member, you’ll learn to set healthy boundaries
and be supported by your own community who
get the juggle and understand the day-to-day challenges, because they’re our challenges too!

You’ll be supported with mentoring, expert talks and resources to build momentum and help you get back your zest for life.

The Zest Collective is a
multi-dimensional membership
centred around Community, Knowledge and Support. 


Community and connection

Community is at the very heart of Zest Collective.


Making change isn’t easy, and that’s exactly what we’re doing to build a lifestyle where we are a top priority. What makes it easier is doing it with a group of people who absolutely get it and are cheering you on. 

It’s also really important for your wellbeing to be connected to other people, you’re wired that way! Whether in your existing support network or with new friends in the private Zest community, you will learn to strengthen and make the most of your circle.

Within the community we celebrate wins, ask questions and keep the momentum happening. It is also a private and safe space to share and respectfully  engage with other women who have similar goals and challenges. 

Learning and life lessons

“Ugggh does she mean…. online training??”

Relax. No! This is a membership and a community, not a school!

Yes, you will find bite-sized tutorials and masterclasses in your library, and we will have live webinars with experts available for VIPs, but think of this as your own private 24/7 to access to all the best tips, tricks and information on wellbeing for women. From burnout to pilates, sleep to nutrition, our guest experts cover it all and new resources are added every month.

For those who like a bit of structured learning, there are mini-courses on key topics, like our Festive Prep 3 module tutorial. Short and snappy with practical resources, and no tests!

You’ll also learn so much in your mentoring sessions, where you can share ideas and get advice on implementation – because it’s all very well to know about wellbeing, but putting it into action in your own individual circumstances is where the results will come from.

Mentoring and motivation

Mentoring is the zing in the Zest Collective – the part that will motivate you and help you build momentum – where the rubber hits the road so to speak.

You’ll have access to Mel directly in a small group setting online, where we’ll discuss your challenges and you’ll leave each session with some ideas on what to do about them. 

Need more? Ad-hoc 1:1 strategy sessions are available to add on at an exclusive discount rate to Zest VIP members, so you always have the option of intensive individual support if and when you need it.

Outside of the coaching and mentoring, you’ll be part of the community to cheer each other on, and have live access to experts each month who will answer your questions on a specific topic.

As part of the Zest fam, you will be supported, mentored and celebrated every step of the way.

Did I mention the resources?

you get 24/7 access to a growing range of exclusive resources

Your Zest Vault

Currently over 30 tools and resources to support your growth including video tutorials, learning modules, printable planners and templates, checklists and self care guides. PLUS, VIP members have access to exclusive extras including special edition mini-courses on-demand (our Festive Prep course is very popular right now!)



Monthly Curated Self Care Box

As a Zest VIP Member you receive a beautiful self care box, put together especially for you and delivered to your door each and every month. Designed to help you keep up build your me-time muscle, the box always includes something to sip, something to snack on, and gorgeous products from Australian small businesses.


I started a new role
three years ago after coming out
the other side of burnout…

But 12 months later in my heart of hearts,
i knew something still wasn’t right

I was hitting goals and doing ground-breaking work and the scope of my role was already expanding. The more successful my projects were, the more I took on (or was given)
and in between all the excitement, a familiar feeling was swimming in my stomach.

A  six-month sabbatical became a turning point when I unexpectedly found myself thinking “I don’t want to go back.”

I had two little kids, we were all still in the middle of a once-a-generation world event (not even saying the “p” word), and I’d been subconsciously pouring energy into “proving myself” in my new role at work. I was overwhelmed, and I was exhausted.

And still I secretly wondered, “what is wrong with me?”

Who was I to want something different when I had everything I should ever want? Family, friends, an amazing career.
Why didn’t I want to keep following the opportunities in front of me? Why wasn’t I happy? Didn’t I ask for this?

**Spoiler alert**: There was, in fact, nothing wrong with me.

In fact I did want more, just not the more that came next on that particular roadmap. And that was actually perfectly ok.

And so I used all my skills, experience and connections across HR & learning, positive psychology, wellbeing, managing teams and recovering from burnout to start a new chapter.

And it worked.
It worked for me. It works for the women I help,
and I want the same for you. 

the process?

  easy as…

Step One:

Clink the link to join the community, you’ll get instant access to the Inner Circle on Facebook. Mel will then reach out to book your onboarding call, organise your first self care box and get you set up in the members portal!

Step Two:

Hop into your recommended modules, and the guide in the Inner Circle.
You’ll be walked through setting yourself up for success and where to find all the zestiest parts of your membership.

Step Three:

Start bingeing content like a new season of Utopia, or walk through it bit-by-bit. However you prefer to work, the only non-negotiable if you want to make progress is to show up with purpose and implement what you learn.

fellow list lover!


here’s exactly what you get in the zest vip level

ZEST VIP Inclusions:


Access to the Zest Collective Inner Circle private community


2 x Group Coaching Sessions every month


1 x Live Webinar with a guest wellbeing expert every month


A thoughtfully curated Self Care Box, delivered every month


Hard-copy planning and reflection workbook to use every month


Exclusive mini-courses on demand (like our popular Festive Prep 3-part course.)


Access to all expert webinar and masterclass recordings on demand


Regular access to exclusive partner offers and discounts on products and events


DM support from Mel and email tech support with 48 hour response (Mon - Fri)

Current Sign Up Bonuses:


1 Year Gold Access to Future Women, Australia's leading professional development club for Women (for a limited time)


Subject to change at any time

Or Save up to $265 with a Zest VIP Annual Package, and get these bonuses worth over $1300!


4 x Quarterly 1:1 Coaching Calls focused on 90 Day Goal Planning


$299 Off Annual Membership to One Roof, Australia's Number One Business Women's Network


Payment Plan Available


Bonuses subject to change at any time

Who doesn’t love a bonus (or three)?!

Annual Package Bonuses

4 x One-on-One

Goal & Planning Sessions 

quarterly 75 minute online coaching sessions


Work 1:1 with Mel every quarter to set your personal goals


Align your wellbeing goals to your personal strategy


Finish each session with a 30-60-90 Day Plan


Valued at $996, complimentary with Zest VIP annual package

1 year Gold Access to Future Women



Australia's leading club for professional women


Virtual live events and classes


Discounted tickets to premium in person events


Normally $248, complimentary with Zest VIP for a limited time

$200 Off Annual
One Roof Membership



Australia's leading network for women in business


Both virtual and in-person events and classes


Access to community experts & business offers


Normally $499, only $200 with Zest VIP annual package

Total Bonus Value when you join for a year = over $1300

plus pay in full and save $265

Today’s yearly price only $2099

or choose from two flexible payment options;

pay 3 installments of $788 and still get all the annual bonuses,
pay $197 month-by-month and cancel anytime

pay in full

1 payment of $2099

(save $265, get $1444 in bonuses)



(total $2364, includes bonuses)


$197 per month

(no lock in term, FW bonus only)

Frequently asked questions

Q: What if I don’t have time?

A: This membership is designed for people who don’t have time! Live sessions are recommended but definitely not mandatory and all masterclasses are recorded so you can replay later. You choose how much you can do each month and we’ll support you every step of the way #noguilt

Q: Will this help me if I’m burnt out?

A: Short answer yes. Longer answer, yes, but depending on your current health needs you may benefit from additional support. The Zest Collective does not replace the need for individual medical advice, however we do have resources on what to do and where to find help if you do need it, as well as an excellent referral network.


Great question!

The Zest Collective has two membership options, Zest Light, and our signature program, Zest VIP. 

We consider Zest Light the little sister to our Zest VIP Level – just like Skipper is to Barbie, she’s still fabulous just a bit more petite.

The main difference is the level of support, particularly access to coaching and live masterclasses, and the premium self care box and physical planner. If you’d like to compare, check out this easy membership overview.