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The go-to self care

community for busy

Australian women.

A holistic self care membership, supporting busy women to
beat overwhelm, prioritise themselves and find their zest for life

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You’ve probably
heard of us:

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Ever wondered
“is this… burnout?”

Ever wondered
“is this… burnout?”

If you’re a busy woman juggling different priorities,
whether they be career, business, family or life in general…

I bet you have.

There’s a reason you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed.
And there’s a reason you’re hearing terms like
burnout, “quiet quitting” and “hustle culture” everywhere. 

Trust me, you’re not alone, and you’re in the right place.

The good news?
You can hit the self care reset button.

If you can’t remember the last time you had downtime,
some self care, or did something just for you, it’s time to sort that.

And we’ll help you do it.

The Zest Collective is a community of women making themselves
a priority, while getting the important things done.
We incorporate self care, planning, education and support,
all in one place, designed especially for you.

A woman holding a glass and opening a self care box in a relaxing lounge area decorated in neutral colours. She is white and has platinum shoulder length hair with black rimmed glasses perched on her head. She wears blue jeans, a white shirt and has a black jumper tied over her shoulders. She has a happy, delighted expression as she looks in the box.
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The Zest Collective, exactly?

 Glad you asked! The Zest Collective is a holistic membership program supporting women
to prioritise their wellbeing, beat overwhelm and design a life they love.

As a member, you’ll learn to set healthy boundaries, implement different self care practices, and be supported by your own community who get the juggle and day-to-day challenges, because they’re our challenges too!

We have two membership options to suit different needs and lifestyles.
They cover a range of features including monthly self care boxes, mentoring, expert talks and online resources to build momentum and help you get back your zest for life.

Which option is right for me?


Zest Classic logo featuring a lemon slice and navy and teal text

 A Self Care Subscription Box with a difference!

A thoughtfully curated self care box delivered every month, filled with beautiful products from small Australian businesses and artisans.  Plus access to our online resource library, masterclasses and community to help you beat overwhelm and prioritise yourself.

Mel at a desk with laptop talking to a lady with curly black hair.


Zest VIP Logo featuring a slice of lemon and pink sparkles

AKA The All-Access Pass.

Get the monthly self care box and all the resources,
but with more support.
We’ll help you reduce stress and find your groove faster, with small group mentoring, live masterclasses and Q&A’s with wellbeing specialists.

What’s the difference?

Here’s a snapshot of our three packages. Think of Zest Classic as the little sister to VIP.
You know, like Skipper to Barbie, and Dannii to Kylie.

The main difference (between membership levels, not Danni and Kylie) is the access to live mentoring with Mel, including small group and 1:1 sessions.

Here’s a quick comparison to help you choose the best option for you.

your self care options at a glance:

A Zest Self Care Box surrounded by self care products and a tablet device showing a masterclass. represents Classic membership inclusions.
Zest Classic logo featuring a lemon slice and navy and teal text
mockup representing Zest VIP Self Care Membership inclusions: shows an open self care box filled with products and several devices displaying masterclasses, resources and group calls.
Zest VIP Logo featuring a slice of lemon and pink sparkles


A group of 4 glowing Google Reviews (screenshots). All comments don't fit in alt-text but they mention features such as mentoring, the quality of guest expert speakers, the self care boxes and sustainability. Full reviews can be read on Mel Watson's Google Business Profile.

The Zest Collective FAQs

Why two membership tiers?

Great question!

Zest Classic arrived when we had people begging to buy the boxes but who didn’t have the time for monthly group mentoring or 1:1 live calls.

I played with some models and came up with a subscription box model at a subscription box price, but with access to the entire vault and masterclasses! The result is a unique option that still lives up to our promise of holistic self care based on education, community, and support + motivation.

The tiers have really added to the holistic principles of The Zest Collective, providing flexible choices to suit different lifestyles, needs and budgets.

When will Zest VIP reopen?

As Zest VIP is an intimate group program with live mentoring, places are limited. 

When spots become available we’ll let our waiting list know first – we’ll then reopen to the public, only if all vacancies aren’t filled by those on the list.

So we can’t guarantee when Zest VIP will reopen but we suggest you jump on the waiting list so you’ll have first dibs!

Will I get coaching or mentoring with Mel?

Live group mentoring and quarterly 1:1 sessions are a feature of Zest VIP level. For details or to join the waitlist, click on the info buttons for Zest VIP above.

Zest Classic, our subscription box membership does not include live mentoring with Mel but you do have live access to our expert masterclasses every month and can ask questions in our private FB community.

Mel does have limited spaces each month for 1:1 clients outside of the membership, by application only. To enquire please contact hello@melwatson.com

How do payments work?

Zest Classic and Zest VIP have their own individual payment plans available, all details are outlined on in the tier information and FAQ’s – simply click the “more info” buttons for whichever option you are considering.

We use scheduled automatic payments processed through Stripe for memberships.

Can I cancel my membership?

Of course!

It’s best to check the FAQ’s for the specific membership level you are considering for specific details, but  regardless of whether you join Zest Classic, or Zest VIP, we endeavour to make cancellations and membership options as easy as possible. Send your request via email, and we’ll process it within 4 business days.

You can find the specific terms by clicking on the button for your preferred membership level, then scrolling to the bottom of the page to FAQs.

Will this really help me with burnout?

You’re going to hate this answer… yes, but it depends.

All of our resources are created by a Learning and Development Professional who has been through burnout and mentored others through it. They’re designed to reduce overwhelm and be easy to digest.

This means they’re going to easy to use and implement whether you are feeling stressed,  in full blown burnout or you’re just really freaking tired.


A couple of honest notes:

Feeling fatigued and like you’re headed for burnout?

If this is you and you’re ready to dedicate some time to your self care and prevention, The Zest Collective is perfect for you.
We’ll provide you with tools and resources to help, plus access to expert masterclasses with wellbeing experts to support you. We still recommend speaking to your GP to rule out any underlying medical issues and to get individualised support where needed.


Pretty sure you’re in full blown burnout?

If you’re already in burnout, Zest will still be helpful when used as a complimentary resource to care from a healthcare provider through recovery. It’s important you rule out any contributing medical conditions and have support for any health related symptoms.

What we’ll provide is a planning system to help you prioritise your self care as you recover, a monthly box filled with goodies as a physical reminder to take that time out for yourself, resources to help you build healthy habits, and live access to expert masterclasses to  support your wellbeing.

Our Zest VIP group mentoring program is currently full, but we recommend joining the waitlist or reaching out on hello@melwatson.com to enquire about mentoring support.

I have more questions!

When you click a button to find out more about either Zest Classic or Zest VIP, you will be taken to a full page outlining all the details of that membership option, with it’s own FAQs.

I highly recommend reading through the dedicated page for your preferred membership option, this is probably the quickest way to find what you’re after.

You can also email hello@melwatson.com and we’ll be happy to assist.