Ready to ditch the overwhelm & rediscover your zest for life?

yesss! i am in!

Let me guess: you’re struggling with the juggle, managing to get everything sorted for everyone else and feeling like you’re just treading water – not quite drowning, yet. 

I get you, I’ve been there lovely.

Hey, I’m Mel and this is where I come in…



Let me tell you something you probably already know:
being busy shouldn’t stop you prioritising your self care.

In fact, if you want to show up as the best “you” you can be,
it’s kind of essential.

But more importantly, let me tell you this:

This is your life and you deserve to love it.

I left my corporate job in people and culture strategy and started my own business because I saw incredible women around me constantly worn out and overwhelmed by the daily grind. They were just “getting by” until they hit the point of exhaustion – and I was right there with them.

I was on sabbatical when it hit me: if you can access everything from university to Netflix online, why not wellbeing? And so my adventure as a self care disruptor began.

Today I’ve been profiled by Downtown Magazine, shared my best tips from the front of the room and mentored members of incredible organisations like Future Women. 

I’ve partnered with eminent wellbeing experts, founded retail brand “What Mellie Did Next” and launched powerhouse community “The Zest Collective,” an all-encompassing wellbeing membership that empowers women to prioritise their own wellbeing and find their zest for life.

My innovative but no-fluff approach has seen me nominated for the prestigious Telstra Best in Business Awards, recognised as a finalist for multiple Women Changing the World Awards and Ausmumpreneur Awards, and with appearances on podcasts Triiyo Pep Talks, and The Burnout Recovery Podcast.

When you work with me I will always tell you to back yourself but to have a plan, find the fun, and that your hair looks amazing. More importantly, I will be there with you every step of the way as you learn to take back control of your life and make it one you love.

a few things I answer to…



You better believe it. None of this Girl Boss, She-EO stuff. When people ask me what I do, I tell them I’m a CEO and Entrepreneur, because that’s what I am.


Of all the things I get called, Mumma and Mummy are the only ones that make my heart sing the way they do. It might be the toughest gig I’ve ever done, but I wouldn’t trade it (most days).


Reserved for my Nanna and my nearest and dearest. A term of endearment that just tends to turn up when I’ve been friends with someone forever.

other fun facts…

  • I live in beautiful regional NSW with my two (mostly) adorable kids, incredible husband, our gorgeous springer spaniel and three greedy chooks.
  • I’m a self-confessed 80s tragic, adore all things caffeinated and sparkly, and have an undeniable weakness for fabulous yet impractical shoes.

  • I’m proudly neurosparkly (neurodivergent), and I’m beyond passionate about diversity and inclusion.

Not a wellbeing guru

You may have caught on when I led with
“lattes and croissants”, but just to be crystal clear,
I’m not your typical wellness warrior.

I drink coffee, I eat dessert, the gym isn’t my thing, and I’ll have a mocktail, cocktail, bubbly or fizzy water if I want to.

I also move and nourish my body, take care of my brain, practice self care, make time for my people and rest.
I have focus and purpose, adventures and moments of joy. I know what the warning signs are when I need to stop and reset, and I am the queen of saying no.

I have bad days and I’m not perfect, but I love my life.

The reason I do this is because it wasn’t always that way for me, and I’m passionate about helping other women find what I have.

I don’t do fads, I have qualifications and ongoing professional development in leadership, positive psychology and mental health. I believe in evidence-based wellbeing and collaborate with psychologists, dietitians, doctors, allied health professionals and people with lived experience.

Everything I share and advocate for is practical, expert backed, and guilt-free.

  • Building healthy habits
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Stress management
  • Self care routines
  • Mindfulness & Gratitude
  • Positive Psychology
  • Goal setting and action
  • Finding your spark
  • Everything sustainable, holistic health & wellbeing

× Weightloss
× Dieting
× Fads or untested products
× Advice you should be getting from your doctor
× Anything starting with “should” or based in guilt


Mel has received great feedback from our members, who have gained confidence and clarity from her sessions and I would highly recommend Mel for both group mentoring and coaching sessions


Ready to put you back
on top of your to-do list?

The Zest Collective is our signature membership, a paid community for women who are ready to make their own wellbeing a priority.

There are two membership levels to choose from, depending on your needs, lifestyle and preferences, and in both you’re supported with expert content, resources and community to build momentum and help you get back your zest for life.

From my notepad…

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