Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging:

You’re Welcome Here

My commitment to you:

I strive to lead and build my business with values that create a space where people feel welcome and connected. Although I am a team of one, I believe that everyone can contribute to a more inclusive culture through their actions, no matter how big or small.

My commitment to you is that I will listen openly and with curiosity, do better when I know better, treat you with respect and welcome you. I am committed to being an ally to First Nations people, people with disability and people of the LGBTQIA+ community. I am committed to supporting and raising up all women regardless of their presumed gender at birth, and I recognise gender diverse and non-binary people who are part of our community.

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Pro-women, not anti-men:

 A quick note on why I work with predominantly women:

I am a mentor, working with people who are struggling with the same challenges I have faced. I can relate to many of their experiences and help them to navigate through circumstances frequently met by many women.

Our group programs are also for women (all women) because it is a safe space to discuss those challenges and experiences with others who “get it”.

In short: I do it because these are the people I can most effectively serve.

By the way… I use the term “women” in it’s most inclusive sense. I welcome women with trans experiences, non-binary people and LGBTQIA+ women into our programs. I have worked with women in these specific communities in the past and will continue to strive to be a good ally.

I also celebrate the men who are allies of women and gender diverse folk, and I work with clients of all genders in a one-to-one capacity.


What Does This Mean In Practice?

In all business operations and programs under the Mel Watson brand:

  • Disrespectful and discriminatory comments will not be tolerated on this site or our social media accounts and will be deleted when they are reported or seen.
  • We reserve the right to block any person without notice from this site, our social media, events, or any platform within our control, for behaviour that doesn’t support our values of respect and inclusion.
  • We will seek out leaders with diverse life experiences to learn from, listen to constructive feedback and take action.
  • We will be conscious of the economic impact of this business, and will seek to deal with businesses and service providers who are actively working to cultivate an inclusive culture and/or support initiatives benefitting underrepresented groups.
  • We will regularly review our processes and policies as the business grows with the aim to continuously improve.
  • We will work to make our website, social media, events and any other platforms and content within our control as accessible and inclusive as possible. As we learn better, we will do better (see our accessibility policy). 


If you have questions regarding our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion commitments and activities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can email hello@melwatson.com