Cheers to putting yourself at the top of your own to-do list!

 I’m so excited you’re exploring your options, because honestly? You’ve just made a decision to prioritise yourself… 

Want to know a secret? You’ve just done the hardest part.

Here’s how I can help with the rest!


Supporting busy women to beat overwhelm, prioritise their wellbeing and find their zest for life

The Zest Collective is a holistic membership designed for
women juggling competing priorities and struggling to prioritise themselves.

The Zest Collective makes wellbeing accessible through a bespoke online platform that brings together a range of tools and supports. These include wellbeing masterclasses, printable resources, guided sessions, learning, and most importantly a supportive community. There are also options with coaching and physical products!

There are two levels for members to choose from, enabling you to get the best experience for their individual support needs, lifestyle and budget.

Introducing Zest VIP and Zest Light…

Zest VIP is our signature package, for women ready to take action and who want all the support to help make themselves a top priority on their own to-do list.  VIP is all about building momentum faster and making lasting change.

As well as access to the Zest Vault – an ever growing library of videos, tools and resources, you get group coaching, live masterclasses and Q&As with our wellbeing experts a premium curated self care box delivered monthly and much, much more. 


Like Skipper is to Barbie, Zest Light is the little sister to our Zest VIP level:
still fabulous, just a little more petite.

Zest Light is for women who know they need a change and want to learn to practice self care and healthy boundaries. 

Get access to the Zest Inner Circle private community, a live call each month, library of resources including recorded expert webinars, and much more!


What’s the difference?

The Zest Collective has two membership options, Zest Light, and our signature program, Zest VIP. 

I’ve already said this, but it’s worth saying again: the best way to think of Zest Light is as the little sister to Zest VIP –
you know, like Solange is to Beyonce, Dannii to Kylie.

The main difference (in the membership levels, not between Solange and Beyonce) is the level of support. Zest VIP provides access to coaching, live masterclasses and Q&A’s with our wellbeing experts. Zest VIP members also get our carefully curated self care box and physical planner delivered every month. 

Here’s a quick comparison to help you choose the best option for you.

At a glance:

Included in both levels:


The Zest Vault - resource library


1 x Live Group Planning Session every month


Expert Masterclass Recordings


Email Support


Access to Zest Inner Circle Private Community

Additional features exclusive to Zest VIP:

2 x Group Coaching Calls every month

Live expert webinars and masterclasses

Curated monthly self care box featuring products from beautiful small Australian businesses

Physical reflection and planning workbook to use every month

VIP Annual Package Bonuses