It starts with me

The Last Supper

I have been thinking so much about the amount of plastic that I use. We are all seeing the horrible impact that our love of convenience has brought upon our beautiful planet. I have been making some changes, and I thought I’d share some simple ideas that can have a big impact.

I am really working hard to reduce the amount of plastic that I purchase with everyday grocery items, and thinking about how I can support the companies that I buy from, to reduce the amount that they use. I’ll keep you posted on how that part goes.

So for about a year now, I have stopped using plastic fruit and vegetable bags, and have exchanged them for two large tubs and one small one, that I plan on keeping and using till I die. We buy a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables in our household and so I think this is a very positive move.

We have indoor house rabbits, and they go through a lot of greens. We can fit quite a bit in one tub.

Enough for three days for rabbits and humans.

It stays really fresh in the tub, and you can see everything you have right there. No more forgetting about the bags of veggies you have in the fridge.

The folks at the store don’t seem to mind either. I can even reel off what I have in the tubs and it can make for a faster check out experience. And a smile goes a long way when it comes to having to weigh lose items. No-one has been upset with me yet.

If I can buy bulk items and not choose packaged food, then to me, this is a great thing. This jar weighs 1lb without anything in it. The folks at the checkout just take the cost of the jar from the weight of the product. No worries at all.

I also try to find items that are packaged in recyclable paper.

This is a bag and a jar that we have had for years. Today Lucy and Ethel are holding some stone fruit, next time….who knows. But i do know that at least in this instance, I have prevented a plastic bag from possibly entering the throat of a sea animal or other wild life.

So, as tempting as these pre made fresh nut butters are, I will wait till next time, and bring my nut butter jar. Patience is a virtue.

This is what it looks like at the register. Loads of people have said that the tub idea is a good one. I think so too, so that’s why I am sharing it. I know it’s made of plastic too, but my plan is to use it and keep using it.

When I come home from the shop/ store, unloading just takes moments. I put the tubs right on the shelf. It’s that easy.

I once used about 20 plastic bags a week for fresh veggies and fruit. That is more than one of those big rolls a year. A whole one of those just for our family. And each one of those bags has the potential to harm and kill some of our precious wildlife. Those bags are still out there somewhere. Land fill, in the ocean, floating on a breeze half way around the world.

I feel that doing this is a positive step, and in a world that can seem pretty hopeless, I try to focus on what I can do to make a difference.

I hope that your day is a sparkler. Love Mel