Follow your heart

There is a fire burning within every one of us, a fire that is eternal. I walk the streets so I can feel a part of everything, and there are so many faces reaching out, and I heard a voice, and she said: “please send me someone to ease the pain of living”.

And we look for comfort in a world that has so many beginnings and so many endings, and in amongst that, we destroy. Maybe it’s because we don’t true love, maybe it’s because we think we don’t deserve anymore and he said: “Oh I know that there is so much more than running around around around, there’s so much more to life”.

And there are sunsets and hurricanes written in stone, and when we fall we just get up again and keep on running, and between sunsets and hurricanes, we’re building bridges, so we can all stand up again, and stop this running around.

And we return again and again to the same place, well the scenery is different, but somehow it’s all the same, and we move from left to right and everywhere in between, and somehow we lose sight of what it all means.